This is the Swedish unemployment insurance funds

  • Unemployment insurance funds interest organization
  • IT-development, development and communication/opinion making
  • 24 unemployment insurance funds and 3,9 million members

The easy guide

Having trouble knowing where to begin? Here you will find all information about a-kassan in a comprehensible way

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Find your unemploymentfund

There are 24 unemployment funds in Sweden. You will get suggestions of which you can apply to here.

Which a-kassa can i become a member in?

Join the a-kassa which best suits your occupation or education. There are 24 different a-kassor to choose between and everyone working in Sweden have the right to become a member.

Can entrepreneurs join a a-kassa?

Yes, entrepreneurs also have the rights to join a a-kassa. Filter on own company in the list of a-kassor to see which to choose from.

What does it cost to join a a-kassa?

A membership costs between 100-200 SEK per month, based on what a-kassa you will be joining.

Frequently Asked Questions